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About us – Who is behind it? take a closer look

  • Founded in December 2019, GmbH bundles all drone activities within the OECON Group.
    • The competencies for software development as well as product and project management in the UAV sector that have existed within the OECON Group to date are concentrated in advises customers on drone procurement and operates a digital booking and management platform for drones. Together with partners in metropolitan regions, we thus offer our customers a locally available large network of drones.

  • Through the – platform, registered users can order, plan, execute their drone missions online and for case-by-case use for individual drone missions.
    • The data sets collected in the missions are returned to the customers via the platform.
    • In the background, organizes and coordinates the formal flight release process and the appropriate assignment of certified drones from the integrated drone partner portfolio.
    • In addition, monitors the proper execution of the ordered missions and the correct transmission of the ordered mission data to the client.
    • Customers of do not need to familiarize themselves with the demanding subject of professional drone use, but can focus on their own activities and goals with the results transferred to them.
  • Supported fields of application include aerial reconnaissance and assessment of the situation for rescue services, monitoring of industrial terrain boundaries, maintenance and inspection of infrastructure facilities, and coverage of agricultural and forestry areas.