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Documentation – pictures and videos say more than 1000 words

Take your documentation to a new level with aerial images and videos


Typical examples

    • Construction sites (private & commercial), buildings, bridges, monuments, dams
    • Industrial plants, power plants, oil rigs, mining
    • Forestry and agricultural areas
    • Photovoltaic plants
    • Environmental monitoring

Extensive documentation

Extend and round off your documentation with image and video material. With drones you can also achieve this from a bird’s eye view.

Archiving the modern way

Check & determine the current condition of an area, building or object and record it in pictures and video e.g. for archival purposes.


Change your perspective for complete and comprehensive documentation

Whereas in the past you had to book a helicopter for aerial photography, this is now done by small flying machines (drones) that can be controlled from the ground. This is not only considerably cheaper in comparison, but also much more flexible. Drones can be equipped with a wide range of sensors, cameras and other technology as required and are small all-rounders that are suitable for all conceivable areas of application.

The great advantage is that a flight with drones/ UAS not only saves money, but the missions can happen spontaneously and difficult places are easy to reach. Get an overview of the current state without having to go to dizzying heights or inaccessible areas yourself. Let drones do this dangerous task for you and get up-to-date photo and film footage, which you can archive for documentation purposes.

Image and video recordings support you with comprehensive and evidence-proof documentation, e.g. for:

Condition inspection

  • Construction sites
    • e.g. compliance with building regulations, construction progress
  • Facades and roofs
  • Historic buildings and industrial facilities, both from the outside and the inside

Damage assessment

  • Storm and tempest damage to buildings, objects and surfaces
  • Erosion on coastal sections after storms
  • Other visual inspections
    • on technical installations such as power lines, chimneys, wind turbines, power plants

Area monitoring

  • Change of vegetation dynamics
  • Monitoring of advancing coastal erosion
  • Environmental and nature protection in agriculture and forestry:
    • Wildlife Census, determining wildlife movements, detecting water veins and moisture areas, as well as fire sources, vegetation control, determining pest infestations, as well as damage documentation.

Accident documentation

  • Experts
  • Accident analysts
  • Insurances