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Inspection flights with drones

Everywhere where the simple view from below is not enough


Typical examples

    • Construction sites, buildings (facade, roof)
    • Industrial plants, wind power plants, photovoltaic plants
    • Bridges, railway tracks, power lines
    • Agriculture (farmland, silos) / forestry (forest development assessment) / environmental monitoring (erosion)

Detailed review

Perform thorough and detailed inspections in hard-to-reach places or in vast areas.

With drones, you can achieve this quickly and at any time.

Time-independent analysis

Check & determine the current condition of an area, building or object.

Evaluate the image and video material later on the computer.



Take a closer look without putting yourself in danger – the drone is your stunt double!

There are numerous applications for which an aerial photo or inspection flight with a drone is suitable.

A big advantage is that an inspection flight with drones/ UAS not only saves money, but the missions can happen spontaneously and difficult places are easy to reach.

Recorded images and video footage can be analyzed immediately or later conveniently on the computer and any necessary measures can be initiated promptly.

Get an overview of the current state without having to go to dizzying heights yourself. Let drones take over this dangerous task for you and get current photo and film recordings, which you can archive for documentation purposes.



Image and video recordings support you in a comprehensive and detailed inspection e.g. for:

Interval monitoring

for prevention

  • Buildings
    • private & commercial
    • Roofs, gutters or chimneys can be inspected from above
    • Facade condition
  • Industrial facilities


Trust is good. Control is better.

  • Execution of maintenance work
  • Was damage repaired correctly?
    • What is the condition after damage repair?

Acquisition of the current state

Comparison target/actual

  • Object / Building
    • Facade, roof, construction
    • Condition of components e.g. on bridges
  • terrain / area
    • Forestry and agriculture
    • Monument protection
  • Industrial plants
    • Corrosion
    • Expected maintenance work