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Mapping flights with drones

Efficient data collection from the office


Typical examples

    • Road & urban planning
    • Railroads / track systems
    • Large areas and structures
    • Agricultural areas
    • Power lines

Save time & work more efficiently

Spend less time collecting data in the field.

Achieve high measurement accuracy in less time, with fewer personnel and less equipment.

Work safer & independent

 Complete projects in hard-to-reach or dangerous areas easily.

With drones, you are independent of the location and condition of the object or terrain to be surveyed.

Expand your portfolio

When you combine different payloads and technologies in your system, you can increase the number of services and benefits, and thus your revenue.

With drones you get a realistic and distortion-free representation of the earth’s surface in hard-to-reach areas!

There are numerous applications where an aerial photo or mapping flight with a drone is a good idea. Cameras mounted under the drone do this mapping work. They provide fast and accurate data for orientation and visualization of large areas and construction projects, as well as for agricultural and urban planning.

With the high accuracy that can be achieved, these maps serve as a basis for mapping, surveying and inventorying areas and objects, and are thus even suitable as a basis for further processing and analysis in geographic information systems (GIS).



Why it is a good idea:

    • You are independent of condition or location (e.g. boggy areas or other impassable terrain, dilapidated constructions, high-altitude sites)
    • Data is available for immediate further processing
    • Fast operational readiness of the technology in connection with a high degree of automation
    • Target/actual comparisons as well as exact documentation for comparative purposes, e.g. of areas and volume changes of objects, are possible.

It’s your benefit & you stay flexible:

    • Large areas, buildings and other objects can be surveyed within a very short time.
    • Drone flights can be carried out at any time without great effort.
    • Drone flights can be repeated as often as required.