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Precise recording of areas and buildings in seconds

Measurement with drones, precise and three-dimensional in the centimeter range

Typical examples

    • Urban, landscape and road planning
    • Architecture, civil engineering, construction sites
    • Mining and surface mining, landfills
    • Agricultural land

Little staff? No problem!

With the help of drones, even small engineering offices and companies are able to measure large areas very precisely and quickly with little staff.

Off to the third dimension

Use the images from the survey flight to create three-dimensional building and terrain models.


A future-proof business

With a drone, you invest in your future, because you expand your range of services. Thus your sales power will increase.


Digital Terrain & Surface Models – Fast and accurate results, even for large areas!

Capture and measure objects and surfaces contact-free with the help of images. Determine construction progress and document it in a comprehensible manner. Perform volume calculations. High-resolution and current image data from low heights of buildings, properties as well as agricultural areas or even open terrain are now indispensable for analysis for construction and project planning.

So far, Tachymeters or GPS rovers have traditionally been used in surveying. However, the market potential of drones in this area is increasing significantly. Because with large areas or when there is a high need for many measuring points, the clear advantage of drones becomes apparent. Significantly more measuring points can be recorded in less time without the surveyor having to enter the object or hazardous area, which have to be measured. Integrated RTK-GPS technology makes conventional ground control points unnecessary. The drones will be equipped with cameras for the measurement. The recordings for capturing geographic information are of high quality and precise.

In addition to classic aerial photographs for inspection and damage documentation, measurement with drones offers a wide range of photogrammetric evaluations and model formats for measurement and direct use. By triangulation, a 3D model of the object / area is generated in the photogrammetry software from many individual aerial photographs of an object / area taken from different perspectives. You receive georeferenced, exact and true to size orthophotos and, depending on the application, you can create e.g. topographical height and volume models, textured surface models or digital terrain models (DEM, DTM) in further processing.




Accurate measurement of an object or area e.g. for:

Volume calculations

  • Mining & opencast mining
  • Landfills



  • Agricultural land
  • Urban planning
  • Road construction



3D measurement in general

  • Industry
  • Architecture
  • Archaeology
  • Civil engineering

Long-term documentation

  • Construction industry
    • e.g. Progress of construction