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Reach remote locations quickly and safely

From the carrier pigeon to the drone – this is how your cargo arrives safely and quickly.


Typical examples

    • Medicine
    • Postal system
    • Agriculture

Help where it is needed quickly

Traffic or remote regions – these are no obstacles for drones.


Maximum independence

With drones, you remain independent of infrastructure and terrain.

Fast like express

Send smaller shipments quickly regardless of delivery and collection times

So that help arrives quickly where it is needed, regardless of the infrastructure and living situation.

By using drones, medical supplies, laboratory samples, food or mail can be delivered quickly and independently of infrastructure and other circumstances that could affect the delivery time by conventional means over land.

This also ensures accessibility to regions that are difficult to reach.

Due to the current demand and associated special requirements, such as delivering blood units, blood samples, pathological specimens and vaccines, has focused strongly on these use cases. It is of great concern to us that everyone receives medical and humanitarian aid who needs it. That’s why we focus on the humanitarian aspect.




Drones as a means of transport for:


  • Medical products
  • Food
  • Agriculture (e.g. seeds, fertilizers)

Postal service

  • Mail
  • Small parcels & shipments