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Startseite » Avaya develops video drone solutions for rescue operations with H3 Dynamics and

Avaya develops video drone solutions for rescue operations with H3 Dynamics and

  • A combination of the autonomous charging station Dronebox from H3 Dynamics and Avaya video conferencing solutions enable fast and efficient responses in emergency situations.
  • In Germany, Avaya is cooperating with in the area of digital management platforms for video drones in addition to OECON in the area of eCall.
  • At the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) from Feb. 18-20, 2020, Avaya and will showcase these and other intelligence, security and surveillance technologies for the public safety sector (Hall 11, Booth F086).

Frankfurt, Germany – February 17, 2020 – H3 Dynamics, a Singapore-based startup and developer of autonomous charging stations for professional drones in the security sector, and Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop an aerial imaging and real-time video analytics solution for government agencies and emergency responders in the Middle East and Africa. In Germany, Avaya continues to expand its partnership with GmbH, a digital drone management platform manufacturer that recently emerged from the OECON group of companies. Together, the two companies aim to combine their core competencies in drone management and communications technologies to create innovative solutions for a modern emergency response system.

The joint solution from Avaya and H3 Dynamics is based on H3 Dynamics’ Dronebox drone station, a field robot that can be placed in various locations, such as on a rooftop, and autonomously control drone missions from there. The station automatically responds to specific triggers within existing camera or sensor networks and sends camera drones to the scene when needed.

Through Avaya IXTM Workplace, a powerful unified communications solution with calling, messaging, conferencing and collaboration capabilities, the drone station can deliver live video footage of a drone to decision makers in operations centers. In addition, contact centers equipped with Avaya IXTM contact center solutions can remotely dispatch and control drones in hazardous situations and access real-time aerial video sent via the secure video conferencing solution for threat management.

The Avaya and H3 Dynamics solution enables government agencies and emergency responders to respond to events faster and more efficiently. Dronebox is currently being tested in several application areas by government agencies in the Middle East and Africa. In one case, the solution is being used by police to quickly assess the necessary response to traffic accidents. In another, the solution is assisting firefighters in search and rescue operations and in assessing fire damage to high-rise buildings.

Automated video drone deployment with and Avaya

In Germany, Avaya and OECON have already been working together very successfully since 2015 on the European eCall emergency call to drive the digital transformation of the emergency call system by combining their respective core technologies. With the spin-off of GmbH from the OECON group of companies in December 2019, the two companies have expanded their collaboration to exploit the possibilities of a drone management platform in combination with communication and collaboration technology.

“Together with Avaya, we can already provide automated video drone solutions to rescue organizations today, where video drones are controlled by our drone management system via cellular connectivity and feed their video footage into Avaya video conferencing solutions.”

explains Michael Gieselmann, managing director of

“This allows everyone involved in an operation to see the situation live from the air and respond immediately according to the conditions on the ground.”
“Our latest developments go one step further”,

adds Markus Bornheim, International Practice Lead Public Safety & Emergency Services, Avaya.

“In perspective, we are working on the direct integration of drones into our collaboration platforms. Here, the drone acts as an active chat participant in a video conference, from which the other human participants can no longer just receive the video image in real time via the drone management platform, but can also retrieve telemetry and sensor data, flight reports, high-resolution photos and other data. The availability of such valuable information will greatly enrich control centers and make rescue operations much more effective and efficient.”

Avaya and at the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC)

Avaya and will present solutions around the topic of “Fully automated drone deployment in mission control and support” for the public safety sector from February 18-20, 2020 at the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) in Frankfurt am Main, Europe’s largest closed special trade fair for security authorities. In parallel, a presentation on this topic will take place at the 17th German Control Center Congress on February 20 at 13:00.

In Hall 11 at Booth F086, Avaya and will be demonstrating the different approaches of how drone missions can be controlled in an automated way and how modern communication and collaboration technologies can be used to make rescue missions more efficient and to participate in a drone mission from any location.


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