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Startseite » Fresh & Modern – enters the market with a new LOGO

Fresh & Modern – enters the market with a new LOGO


Changes are good and important! It is often a long way from the first idea to the final and perfect result. As a young and fresh company on the market, a modern and contemporary logo with a strong recognition value is essential for success. Therefore, we decided to bring our logo closer to the corporate design of the OECON Holding Group. The compact, clear and simpler arrangement ensures a strong, modern and authentic effect. Reduced to the essential components, it is flexible in its scalability and thus guarantees excellent validity, both in print and on a digital level. The new typeface ensures better readability and together with the new colours we create a contemporary corporate identity that also meets the digital challenges with maximum flexibility.

So visually, nothing stays the same. Bold and colourful, we are moving forward, evolving while maintaining our identity. Even with a new logo, we are always striving to meet our customers’ expectations even better.