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Startseite » New man, same course – Change in the management

New man, same course – Change in the management

Will everything be different with the NEW Guy?

… No, the course and direction remain on success.

Ralf Schmitt is new CEO

Ralf Schmitt took over the management of GmbH on 1 September 2020, succeeding Michael Gieselmann.

Ralf Schmitt, a mechanical engineer, successfully managed as CEO the fate of the eves_ group, an internationally established software and system house in the Braunschweig region, for 9 years. He is a professional in the areas of organization, project and program management, controlling, IT, organization and logistics. Previous to that he was responsible for aerospace & defense projects at Siemens. Now he has taken over the management at and is setting himself new goals:

The term drone has negative connotations – I would like to change this. A drone can become a lifesaver. It provides accident information to the police and/or fire department so that the rescue unit has the right equipment on site. It can transport blood and help in the search for missing persons. And of course much more. In the context of Smart City and New Work, the drone will also have to do its part and contribute its share. With sound advice on the application and hardware, we want to protect customers from making the wrong investments. And that’s exactly what we will offer with under my responsibility.

We are pleased that Michael Gieselmann will nevertheless remain with our company and will continue to support us with his expertise and commitment as an independent consultant.