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Recording and preview of crop volumes, failures & damages

Manager and owner of an agricultural company are directly economically dependent on the income they receive only once a year. Weather damage in the maize field means bent, broken or destroyed plants – and thus a loss of harvest and income. Of course most farmers are insured against weather damage, but they have to report the damage immediately after it occured.

Therefore it is essential that they detect hail damage in maize fields, for example, as soon as possible. However, due to the nature of the tall maize plants, reliable sighting after hailstorms is not possible without aerial photographs. With the help of a drone, thy can detect hail damage at an early stage and talk to their insurance company about damage regulation in a timely manner. offers the opportunity to request a drone mission via the booking portal promptly after a storm. The farmer enters the area to be flown over intuitively in the portal and does not have to worry about anything else. When the order is completed, he receives a message with a pre-defined email for the insurance company which containspictures and results. He only needs to forward this to his insurance company. It really couldn‘t be easier.


  • Timely registration of weather damage
  • Book a drone mission via the intuitive booking portal
  • Preformatted damage report in the form of an email for fast damage settlement with insurance