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Blue light units & rescue services

Situation analysis and assessment

Operations managers need a complete overview of the situation at the site as early as possible.

The exact size, extent, type of incident and the local conditions are important information in order to be able to quickly initiate the appropriate measures. Here, minutes and even seconds decide about human life.

The use of drones provides a valuable advantage in terms of time, since they can be up in the air within 90 seconds and thus arrive at the site before rescue services get there. You can deliver live images to the emergency vehicle and the control center so that e.g. further or other special forces can be requested. offers the possibility to request a drone from the existing decentralized network exactly where and when it is needed for an operation. The head of operations does not know beforehand where the fire is. Thanks to the quality control guaranteed by, the systems are ready for use at all times. The fire brigade or emergency services do not need their own drones and do not have to worry about maintenance and service.


  • Complete overview of the situation on site
  • Time advantage through live images
  • Request a drone exactly where and when you need it for an operation
  • No maintenance or service work