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Construction Industry – Inspection, surveying and modeling of buildings and construction objects

Always keep an eye on costs and quality

In addition to the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure facilities, civil engineers are responsible for ensuring that all projects comply with applicable safety regulations. One goal here is always to ensure maximum cost effectiveness.

The use of drones can make it much easier for him to perform these tasks. The view from above allows the civil engineer to visually check from a different perspective whether the construction object complies with all legal requirements and, at the same time, to identify at an early stage where there might be costly construction delays.

Drones thus provide him with a valuable cost advantage and a high degree of flexibility. Independence from on-site conditions is crucial here. Construction objects can be surveyed both up close and from a distance, and construction progress can be logged and documented.

The use of drones not only increases the quality of construction work, but also shortens response times for interventions required at short notice. Unpredictable changes on site can turn into a high cost factor and thus significantly jeopardize the entire financing of the construction project. Thanks to the image and video material provided, damage can be reported immediately and repairs can be initiated without delay. convinces as a service provider through expertise, reliability and quality of the drones. For the diverse locations and applications, a wide variety of sensors are required. offers this diversity through its network and enables direct post-processing in existing IT systems through the delivered digital results.


  • Surveying independent of time and place
  • Daily construction progress actual state
  • Cost optimization through reimbursement model
  • Early detection of problems
  • Fast initiation of countermeasures