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Protection of the forest ecosystem / pest infestation

When and where do pests attack the trees in the forest? An employee of a forestry company currently has to go into the forest, examine each tree individually and check whether there is drilling dust under the bark and on the trunk. You have to know that most forest companies cover areas of several hectares, so surprises are common.

With the help of a drone, the bark beetle infestation on spruces and other trees can be recorded from the air regularly and for the entire area. The health of the trees can be read from the transmitted images – infested trees reflect the rays differently than healthy people – and countermeasures can be initiated.

Since a forest company certainly does not need a drone every day, the model is ideal for many companies. Drone missions are requested exactly when they are needed. There is no need to have your own drone at hand and the customer does not have to worry about approval or official requirements. does it all. The customer receives the corresponding pictures or results and can intervene in a targeted and timely manner if bark beetle infestation is suspected.


  • Regular coverage of huge areas
  • Request drone missions as needed
  • takes care of compliance with legal requirements