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Medical services

Ship urgently needed medications, blood samples & other medical supplies quickly and securely

The time factor is often essential in the medical field and can make the difference between life and death. There is also the problem of accessibility in some regions.

While in high-tech countries the so-called rush hour may prevent timely delivery, in developing regions it is the unpaved or even missing road to reach remote mountain villages. Different causes with the same result. Urgently needed medical supplies arrive too late. With a drone, it is possible to send the urgently needed medicines or blood reserves safely and quickly, because drones are independent of traffic and lack of infrastructure. At any time of the day or night, blood samples, for example, can also be sent quickly and safely to laboratories for testing.

If no own drones are available, offers the possibility to request a drone from the existing decentralized network exactly when and where it is needed for an operation. The quality control assured by means that the systems are ready for use at any time. The hospital or doctors do not need their own drones and do not have to worry about operation, maintenance and care.


  • Independent of traffic and infrastructure
  • Independent of time of day
  • Independent of weather
  • Timely delivery of medicine, blood supplies, lab samples …
  • No care and maintenance of the drone when using the drone network