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Operations Management

Optimization of maintenance measures

Downtimes of production plants due to maintenance should be kept as short as possible. Current plant information is the basis for planning maintenance work and ultimately high plant availability.

The use of drones with special sensors helps to regularly examine the essential components of systems. This means that service intervals (“preventive maintenance”) can be handled more flexibly. In the medium term, it is even possible to switch to a “predictive maintenance” concept, thereby reducing the number of surprising and unpredictable failures (“corrective maintenance”). as a service provider impresses with the reliability and quality of its drones. For a diverse machine park, the most diverse types of sensors are required in order to identify possible weak points and sources of errors at an early stage. offers this diversity and, thanks to the supplied digital results, enables direct post-processing in existing IT and production systems.


  • Reduce downtime
  • Manage service intervals flexibly
  • Predictive maintenance