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Plant and site security

Ensuring plant and site security

A plant protection manager wants to know at all times that the external borders of the plant site are complete and intact. This is the only way he knows that the site is effectively protected against intruders or unauthorized entry.

The use of drones provides a valuable cost advantage and more flexibility because you are less dependent on available personnel who have to be commissioned to walk the fence. These are either own employees or personnel from external security companies. In addition, damage is reported immediately through the supplied image and video material and repairs can be initiated immediately. This significantly increases the quality of the terrain protection.

If a limited number of your own drones already exist, offers the possibility to expand these capacities at short notice or you can offer your free capacities in the network for other users. This ensures the quality level of the drones used at all times and costs are even optimized through the offered reimbursement model.


  • Increase quality of terrain protection
  • Quick overview of possible damage
  • Independent of personnel availability
  • Optimize costs through reimbursement model