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Real estate business

Check and properly stage real estate

With the help of drones you get high-resolution images and videos of real estate and buildings from different angles & perspectives at any time of day and regardless of current weather conditions. This allows you to get a quick, safe and location-less (national, Europe-wide and international) picture of real estate and prepare it for sale. This gives them maximum flexibility and allows them to properly stage the property from close up as well as from a distance.

The image and video material supplied can be made available immediately for further processing.

Since a real estate agent may not need a drone every day, the booking model is ideal for many real estate offices. Drone missions are requested exactly when they are needed. There is no need to keep your own drone on hand and the client does not have to worry about licensing or regulatory requirements. All this is taken care of by, and the customer gets the corresponding images or results delivered ad hoc and digitally.


  • Comprehensive overview of the condition of a property
  • Enhance the sales portfolio of a property with impressive aerial photos and thus force a successful closing
  • Flexible daily use (inspection, overview, marketing)