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Use of tethered drones in the railroad and logistics environment

On September 20, 2022, the team was on site in Berlin at the booth of ARISTHODOS AG during the InnoTrans.

Our colleague Andre Schiller contributed a presentation on the use of tethered drones in the rail and logistics environment.

Mr. Schiller presented the new product, a tethered drone with mobile hangar and own software tool for planning and execution of missions. Furthermore he introduced the business model, which includes analysis of customer-specific use cases and requirements as well as customization and implementation.

An important aspect of the presentation was the comparison of tethered drones versus free-flying drones and fixed infrastructure. Mr. Schiller showed the advantages of a tethered drone system.

Furthermore, he explained how tethered drones can be used in the area of “Predictive Maintenance” for strategies such as “Condition based Monitoring” and “Digital Twins” to generate additional data for analysis and reconciliation. On behalf of use cases with particular challenges such as “Emerging Climate Issues” & “Hot Spots”, the additional benefits of tethered drones were then openly discussed.

However, also the obvious use-cases in the rail industry such as safety (monitoring), incident management or construction monitoring/planning were considered during the presentation.